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Perfect renovation lights

Kostenbeispiel Sanierung

Wallwasher installation example

Perfect renovation lights

Our new LED downlights are ideal for renovating existing lighting systems. Replacing the lights is easy; existing ceiling cutouts and any existing control technology can be adopted. Compared to existing systems, the energy cost savings are up to 80% - depending on the old light source. The investment costs necessary for the renovation will continue to be subsidized by the state up to 20% in 2015 until the end of April.


The luminaire dimensions of our newly developed LED downlights correspond to those of the standard downlights for compact fluorescent lamps previously used. An exchange is possible without any on-site changes; the ceiling cutouts can be retained. This minimizes assembly costs. We can also adapt the lights to unusual ceiling cutouts using individual end rings.

Standard- und Sondermass

Left: Standard end ring.
Right: Project-related special size.

An individual adaptation to existing ceiling cutouts is always possible. The project-related adjustment takes place in the factory. The technical specifications and the luminaire characteristics remain unaffected; the installation corresponds to that of a standard downlight.

Dimmbar, Infrarot, Ultraviolett

Our LED downlights can be controlled just as easily as the existing lighting system. Non-controllable ECGs, DALI or 1-10V are available. When using the existing control technology, the entire on-site electrical installation can be retained.

The room climate is optimized: LED lights emit neither IR nor UV radiation. Sensitive goods are protected, thus cost of goods sold is reduced. The room temperature is not increased by the lighting and the costs for air conditioning are optimized. Lighting levels and quality can be significantly improved through the use of LED lights. Despite lower energy consumption, the light output is increased. Our LED downlights offer an outstanding service life (L90/B10). This means a decrease in luminous flux of only 10% after 50,000 hours of operation. The previously regularly incurred maintenance and lamp replacement costs are eliminated. In a direct comparison of the total costs of a lighting system, it quickly becomes clear that the ongoing savings with LEDs reduce the payback period to a minimum.

Circular wallwasher

Wallwasher rund

The circular wallwasher is also ideal for evenly illuminating large areas. In this system, too, the LES (light exit surface) is hidden behind part of the reflector. The plaster frame included in the scope of delivery enables absolutely flush installation. The narrow, all-round joint underlines the high level of manufacturing of this system.