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LED light strip for quick installation

Lichtband zur Schnellmontage

With our newly developed LED light strip system for quick installation, we also offer a professional lighting solution for demanding tasks such as halls with large ceiling heights. Production facilities, sales rooms or storage areas can be illuminated efficiently and in accordance with DIN EN regulations. The modular system consists of a flexible support system and different lighting modules, which are equipped with different optics depending on the lighting task.

The support system

The structural basis of our new continuous line system is the particularly torsion-resistant support rail. Installation is carried out using quick suspensions using chains or steel cables. Equipped with an innovative plug-in connection system, the 5-7-pin pre-wiring allows for quick assembly times. This ensures quick connection of the individual elements


and tool-free assembly of the different lights. Even if the hall's use changes, the lighting modules can be converted to a new lighting task at any time and without major installation effort. The tool-free installation of the lights allows for short installation times, even when retrofitting. The stable support system and its integrated pre-wiring always remain as a universal basis.

Lichtband Profil


Basic lighting

For glare-free basic lighting, we have developed the new lamp attachments with a very large beam angle (>110°). This also allows it to be used as a renovation luminaire at the luminaire spacing specified by the old system. The energy-efficient LED arrays in COB (chip-on-board) ceramic technology offer excellent lighting values, so that the minimum light


intensities required by DIN EN can be exceeded in most cases, even with increased luminaire spacing. DIN EN 12464-1 specifies the minimum illuminance levels that must be achieved in individual areas. They represent minimum values above which the so-called visual task can be carried out, i.e. a smooth workflow is guaranteed.

The light strip attachments

The light strip attachments, which can also be installed without tools, are equipped with LED arrays in COB (chip-on-board) ceramic technology. Using this new technology not only increases the efficiency of the LEDs, but also maximizes their service life. The drop in luminous flux of L90B10 with an operating time


of 50,000 hours and the low color tolerance of 3MacAdam make the luminaires ideal for use in objects with particularly long operating times. The profile is delivered ex works with various optical systems for light control and distribution.


Optische Systeme

Optical systems

Thanks to the available light strip attachments with lens optics, a wide variety of lighting tasks can be fulfilled equally well. The lens optics specially designed


for the linear LED arrays offer precise light control with optimized stray light avoidance. Three different beam characteristics are available:

Breit strahlend

Wide distribution for illuminating production areas, displays or wide aisles.

Breit strahlend

Symmetrical for effective lighting of product presentations, aisle areas are less illuminated and side shelves are highlighted.


The asymmetrical light distribution is particularly suitable for illuminating one-sided product presentations. The opposite side is heavily glare-free.