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Wallwashers are used where vertical or horizontal surfaces require uniform, even illumination or accentuation. Walls and other surfaces delineating an area are made visible, making the area more tangible. The uniform illumination of flat surfaces is an important building block of architectural lighting and an instrument of every qualitative lighting design. Our luminaire series covers products for recessed installation in walls, floors and ceilings.


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Cast-in housings for concrete

The use of cast-in fittings for concrete makes it possible to integrate recessed luminaires harmoniously into ceilings even when they are not suspended ceilings. Custom adaptations also enable special static specifications to be satisfied. This includes lengthened inlet ports in the concrete.

Round wallwashers

Reflector designed as 2-part reflector system. Reflector made of 99.98-grade aluminium, polished and individually anodised. Smooth, mirror-finish silver surface. Slanted reflector cone for optimised light guidance. Other reflector surface finishes are also available.

Square wallwashers
Reflector made of finest aluminium, silver anodised satin-matt finish or with ribbed surface.