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Cove luminaires
In modern architecture, illuminated coving is a discerning design element. It forms the basis of a homogeneous illumination with a character similar to daylight. When implementing an installation, it is important to prevent any dark zones at the ends of the lamps by overlapping the lamps. Our system luminaires enable the lamps to be overlapped by mounting them at slightly offset angles, thereby ensuring shadow-free illumination without any transitions.


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RGB cove luminaires

Colours are additively mixed by separately driving the primary colours of red, green and blue. This achieves a wide colour spectrum. Individual, single colours can be produced as well as colour effects with scenic, decorative or inspiring colour changes.

Lighting technology

Lighting strips installed as a continuous band of light with overlapping lamp arrangement. An overlap of approx. 100mm is recommended to ensure a shadow-free illumination without any transitions. The length within a cove can be adjusted by extending the overlapping section. The mounting strips are equipped for T5 fluorescent lamps and fitted with regulable or static electronic control gear.