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Trimless downlights
These luminaires are designed to be a discreet yet integral part of the architecture – this design principle is perfected by our frameless luminaire series “Trimless”. Installed flush with the ceiling or even recessed into it without any visible edge, this downlight recedes into the background, simply leaving a discreet ceiling opening identifiable as the source of light. The exact luminaire detail and the necessary accessories have been optimised and adapted to suit the respective on-site situation as dictated by the building.


 PDF 2 MB Trimless downlights
Trimless installation in cast concrete ceilings can be realised using specially developed cast-in housings. By using a variable core element, such installation is also enabled in bare concrete ceilings..

For plastered-in downlight mounting, separate mounting frames are used. These mounting frames are adapted to suit the actual installation scenario. Both flush-fitting and set-back installations in the ceiling are equally possible and the luminaires can be replaced without problem. The plastering frames are mounted into the ceiling cut-out produced on site, whereby the fitting to the ceiling system is to be done by specialist fitters. The reflector edge lies flush with the ceiling in a shallow depression. As an alternative, a trimless, recessed installation using a special plastering frame with a mounting sleeve is also possible. The mounting module is plastered over and painted in the final ceiling colour on site. The result is a unique light/ceiling design feature.

Trimless, flush

The plastering frame is covered by the lip of the reflector. The reflector sits in a slight recess and finishes flush with the ceiling.

Trimless, recessed

Edge-less installation using a plastering frame with a mounting sleeve. This sleeve is plastered over and painted in the final ceiling colour on site.