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Strip lighting
This lighting system is designed using empty profiles that are mounted in the ceiling and fitted with a wide range of luminaire inserts. For office applications it is possible to use fluorescent lamp modules with parabolic louvres made of mirror-finish aluminium. Inserts for overlapping lamp arrangement are available to give a continuous, shadow-free strip of light. These light inserts act as the luminaire cover and, with their opal satin-matt surface finish, are light-dispersing diffusers with high transmittance. In addition, accentuating spotlights, blank covers and compartments for technical equipment can also be integrated into the system. The through-wiring is easily accessible and there is space for further cable routes.

 PDF 1,8 MB Strip lighting
 PDF 1,4 MB RAIL Strip lighting
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Dual light

Highly diverse lighting moods can be created by using different light sources. To provide scenic light, spotlight inserts are available. Diffuse and pin-pointed light are both achieved as a double function of one luminaire. The uniform ambient light produced by the T5 fluorescent lamps is complemented by additional, independent lighting.

LED emergency module

Specific components such as monitoring modules, AC/DC switching points, address modules and individual batteries can be integrated for the emergency lighting function.