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Lighting Panels
Illuminated fields and lighting strips are also a discerning design feature in modern architecture. They form the basis of a homogeneous illumination with a character similar to daylight. When implementing an installation, it is important to prevent the characteristic dark zones between the lamps by overlapping the lamps. In our system luminaires, the lamps are overlapped by mounting them at slightly offset angles. This ensures that the diffuser surface is illuminated without any shadows or transitions.

Dual light lighting channels

To provide scenic lighting, spotlight inserts are available. The availability of individual luminaires and strip-light systems gives the designer a wide variety of design possibilities.


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Multifunction luminaires
Holistic building technology concepts reduce the construction costs and increase the flexibility. Multifunction luminaires offer a solution here by way of increased system integration without impairing the interior design. Incorporation into the building technology is achieved using system adapters or complete system elements. Detailed clarification is required for customised, project-specific implementation.

Lighting control

To enable artificial lighting in indoor areas to have a natural effect, it should be adjusted to suit the circadian rhythm of the users. In addition to brightness, the most significant factor when implementing biologically regulated light is the alteration of the colour temperatures in line with the colour progression of natural light.