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Luminous ceilings
Luminous ceiling SYS-K, invisible profile Large-format, panel luminaires fitted with special, real glass covers made of laminated safety glass in Opti-White. The special, light-dispersing, translucent opal foil used in the laminate produces a homogenous, shadow-free luminous surface. Luminous ceiling SYS-P, visible profile
In contrast to scenic lighting with point-form light, diffuse lighting with luminous ceilings creates visual calm. Luminous surfaces with graphic divisions augment the use of forms in the architecture. A special production process allows the SYS-P series luminous ceilings to be designed in any shape and structure.

Luminous ceiling SYS-L, invisible profile
Due to their homogeneous and glare-free illumination, luminous glass ceilings produce a lighting effect similar to daylight. The SYS-L series is noted for its particularly flat design. Large-format glass panes are point-mounted. A translucent, acrylic matrix gives a discreet grid pattern.